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Do you want to know what foods are best for your family? Maybe you want to know more about the various herbal remedies for many common or chronic conditions?  Shonda's Family Herbalist Course is the perfect way to bring healthcare stewardship into your home.

Built around Shonda's books, this 12-lesson home study course will teach you how to create healthy lifestyle habits to nourish the whole person. The Family Herbalist Introductory Course will provide you with the foundation to be a proficient home herbalist.

Family Herbalist Course

12  - may be completed in 3 months to 1 year

Self-paced, Self-graded, Certificate of Completion Option Available if Desired

Who Might Be Interested in the Family Herbalist Course?
  • Those interested in understanding how to choose and prepare healthful food for one's own family
  • Those interested in learning to oversee family health care and administer home health care in self-limiting, and some chronic, diseases, knowing when to access outside help when necessary and how to blend conventional medicine with complementary nutrition and herbal therapies
  • Those desiring to approach the ministry of caring for their family's health from a Christian perspective

What Materials are Included in this Course?
  • Naturally Healthy Cuisine: Real Food for Real Families
  • Mommy Diagnostics
  • Naturally Healthy Woman
  • Naturally Healthy Herbs Materia Medica PDF
  • Naturally Healthy Herbalist Study Guide with 12 lessons or you may choose to upgrade to the Community Herbalist Student Manual with 36 lessons that will allow you to easily transition to the next level of herbal learning.

What You Will Accomplish in this Course?
  • The Foundations of Health
  • How to Make a Naturally Healthy Home
  • How to Evaluate Your Own Family's Health
  • How to Make Herbal Medicines for Family Use
  • How to Create and Follow a Plan to Restore Health When Illness Occurs
  • Which Herbs are Suited for Particular Body Systems and Seasons of Life

What additional services might be available to me to assist in my learning?

  • Webinars/TeleClasses are offered each semester you may attend LIVE or via recordings (additional payment required)
  • Grading of your lessons upon completion of a module's work (the 12 lessons)
  • We also have an herbal medicine-making kit you may purchase to have the materials to learn to make medicines for your family.

What Amount of Time Will I Spend Studying the Course and In What Areas for the Family Herbalist?
History & Philosophy of Herbal Medicine: 10 hours
Nutrition: 50 hours
Materia Medica/Therapeutic Herbalism: 60 hours
Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, and Dispensing: 60 hours
Clinical Skills: 60 hours

Total Study Hours: 240 hours

Total Study Hours for Certified Family Herbalist Program: up to 650 hours, depending on Add-On Learning Opportunities you choose to access

These lessons may be completed in 12 weeks with an aggressive study schedule of 17.5 hours per week, may be divided into 36 weeks to fit into a typical "school year" by studying one to two hours daily to complete one lesson every 3 weeks, or you may complete at your leisure without time constraints.
Cost: 99.95 +$14.50 Shipping Fee
*Optional Materials:
Herb Kit for Medicine Making: $75
 (Included in Kit: Herbs - Oatstraw, Red Raspberry, Lavender, Thyme, Calendula, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Echinacea, Elderberry, Chamomile; Muslin bag, Salve jars/lids, Cheesecloth, Cap-M-Quik with "00" capsules, 1 oz Glass Bottles with Droppers, 4 oz Amber Glass bottle with lid, Cocoa Butter; Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax)

10 Webinars/TeleClasses to assist you through each lesson
     $150/10 Lessons (you may pick and choose from all our class offerings which TeleClasses you prefer to attend)
10 Webinars/TeleClasses : $150
Upgrade to Community Herbalist Manual with 36 lessons: $100
One Progress Review/Grading Session: $50

Lesson 1: Nutritional Foundations
Lesson 2: Naturally Healthy Living: Evaluation & Implementation
Lesson 3: Health Care Stewardship
Lesson 4: Using Herbs for Medicine
Lesson 5: Making Herbal Medicine for Your Family: Decoctions/Infusions, Bath/Body Rubs, Creams & Ointments, Fomentations/Poultices, Powders, Glycerites/Tinctracts, Tinctures, Syrups, Steams, Suppositories
Lesson 6: Nourishing Your Immune System, Mouth & Skin
Lesson 7: Nourishing Your Digestive System
Lesson 8: Nourishing Your Respiratory System
Lesson 9: Nourishing Your Nervous System
Lesson 10: Nourishing Your Musculoskeletal System
Lesson 11: Nourishing Your Circulatory System
Lesson 12: Nourishing Your Endocrine and Urinary System